Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

Fullstack developer aiming to build a brand.

Muhammad Ali

I was into computers since I was in high school. I thought some day I’ll create one of these cool games myself but it turned out I’m aligning some “Submit” button to the right of a form. Still, I think I’m a natural programmer. I don’t want to brag about it but I think I’m doing a great job in it. Whenever I face some problem, I’m always thinking about the solution. Recently I had a dream about merging two arrays without using a third one and I’m not kidding. I can’t stand code smell. Whenever I write or see some hacks in project which I’m working on I get horrible nightmares. My motto is: Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live.


BS in Software Engineering

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology,
Islamabad, Pakistan
February 2013 - January 2017


Sr. Software Engineer - Emumba

June 2017 - Present


Active Time: 6 Months

Technical Skills

Tools and Technologies

Alexa Skills, D3, Express, FusionJS, Gatsby, Javascript, Jest, Mongo, NextJS, Node, React, React Native, Redux, SQL/NoSQL

My Portfolio

Circular CarouselReact Native

An open-source library to create a Circular Carousel in iOS and Android.

Resizable ElementReact / Typescript

Resizable Element

An open-source library to resize width/height of a react element.

React InvoicerReact / FusionJS
React Invoicer

An open-source app to generate invoice and download them as PDF.

Assembla / GitlabChat Bot - NodeJS
Assembla / Gitlab

Skype/Telegram bot which notifies right in your chat upon any git operation.

Tweet ItAlexa Bot - NodeJS
Tweet It

Amazon's Alexa Skill which lets you tweet on your Twitter timeline.

HTTP RouterFusionJS Plugin - NodeJS

HTTP Router

An open-source plugin for Fusion apps to register the http routes / endpoints.

Material UIFusionJS Plugin

Material UI

Major contributions in plugin of Fusion apps to support SSR for Material-ui.

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